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Harald Glööckler
H a r a l d
G l ö ö c k l e r
When people ask me how I became the person I am today, I ask myself, "What should I answer?" The question itself is wrong! One has not become just like that, at most one has discovered new sides of one's character. It is not that we are imperfect and something needs to be added.
Meet Harald Glööckler is like Alice in Wonderland taking you by the hand. The world is getting bigger, more beautiful and more colorful. Harald Glööckler is doing what the romantics demanded two hundred years ago. Germany needs someone like Harald Glööckler.

Explore your gift

What is this thing we call life? It is a gift that needs to be discovered. It's not one of those obvious gifts, but it needs to be unwrapped and discovered - every day, every moment anew.
It's like one of those old desks with a secret compartment. That's exactly where you'll find what's really valuable. When you open that compartment, you will discover the secret that life gives us everything we can imagine.
The gift of "life" is not just a one-time gift, it is a series of millions of gifts from birth, the beginning, to death, the end of this life. However, this is not our end, we will never end, we just take a different form. And this is what we do in life, we are constantly changing our form, and with these different forms of energetic radiation, the waves that a form emits, our environment is also constantly reshaping itself.
Accordingly, we consciously or unconsciously shape our environment and mistakenly accept this limited image as a static truth. In reality, our environment is the mirror of our own self - no more and no less. Life is a puzzle to be solved, and as is the way with puzzles, where questions are asked, there are answers and more questions.
When we realize that we are powerful and not powerless (as we have been taught), when we learn that we are creators and not receivers, when we realize that there are no limits except those we have created ourselves, when we free ourselves from all those barriers and fears of failing, falling, stumbling, losing everything, when we realize that we have created them ourselves or they have only been talked into us and none of it really exists, then, and only then, do we really begin to live.

This requires a detachment from the collective opinion and energy filled with the millennia-old structures of fear and the feeling of powerlessness.
We have been told for so long that we are small, a nobody, and that we must stay where we were born until death, because life would give one the good cards and the other the bad cards.
Driven by greed, even intelligent people got carried away with rash actions and lived under the delusion that there were limits to money, gold and wealth, affection and love.
Therefore, they did everything to protect themselves and their possessions from others, they formed groups and castes for demarcation, so that no one could get from the bottom to the top.
Those who did make it were ostracized and accused of being parvenus. Instead of explaining to people that God's gift means wealth and freedom for each of us, people were kept in poverty and dependence. Instead of giving love and care, the churches spread fear and terror. This is exactly why we are so afraid. We are angels whose wings have been clipped. We have been belittled.
But there is something they did not count on: Imagination, the key to a life of freedom and wealth. In our imagination everything is possible, and whatever we think is possible is created and experienced. This is my message, my mission in this life: to teach people that everything is possible. It's not easy, but it's not really difficult either. We only think it is difficult, even unthinkable and impossible, because we have been told over and over again.

But if we stop following this destructive, untrue deception, it will be easy. We simply need to express our desires in our imagination and create the world we hope for.
In times like this Corona pandemic, it is especially difficult for many people to stay centered, to listen to their inner divine voice. They lose all intuition, and imagination falls prey to fear.
These are the moments when fear can really grab us by the throat and bring us to our knees. This collective, paralyzing fear destroys everything within us and around us. That's why it's so important in these times to be with yourself, to protect and isolate yourself and not panic.I spent a long time of my life in such a state, all my childhood, and I can tell you it was like war. There were daily fights at home and violence from my father against my mother.

Fear was omnipresent. I survived only because I cut myself off and created my own creative world of imagination. I learned to see the good in everything and hold on to it.
That's how I became the "Prince of POMPÖÖS." Even during the times of this pandemic, I didn't let it get me down. I have written several books, such as "Before Twelve," "Crisis as Opportunity," "Famous by Harald Glööckler" and most recently "The Life of the Prince of POMPÖÖS."
I have launched fashion collections, carpets, porcelain, cutlery, products for horses and dogs, food and beverages, among others. And I have created wonderful perfumes. The "POMPÖÖS" perfumes are compositions of mystical scents that immerse us in another world. They reflect my whole life and experiences. Get inspired, start living, go in search of your secret compartment, the secret of your life, and start today to draw from unlimited resources, to shape and create your life.
Take charge instead of drifting helplessly in the waves of life. Experience and live it.
God bless you, Harald Glööckler
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